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This is the distribution and support site for PAP, Sandra Hasstedt's software for genetic analysis.

Downloadable Software

jPAP 1.7.1 - Mar 17, 2010
A document-driven GUI edition of PAP, intended to replace and extend the older console programs.
Online jPAP Tutorial
PAP 7.1 (1) - Sep 8, 2009
The widely-recognized console-based package remains available. It requires a Fortran 77 compiler and is geared to a Unix/Linux environment.

Referencing jPAP

Using jPAP incurs as its only obligation the requirement to appropriately reference each use. jPAP may be cited via the abstract for a recent workshop held at IGES [Hasstedt 2005]:

Hasstedt SJ (2005) jPAP: Document-driven software for genetic analysis. Genet Epidemiol 29:255.

In addition, published approximations or models should be referenced upon using the corresponding pedigree analysis module (PAM). Check the description of the selected PAM in the GUI to identify any reference.

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Contact Information

Sandra J. Hasstedt
Department of Human Genetics
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

This site is the contact point for Sandra Hasstedt's research software. For other information about her interests and current research, please see her faculty page.

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